Ultra-lightweight slip-ons and shoes

Lightweight summer shoes in Spring pastel colours

No more blisters or sweaty feet. Our stretchy, breathable summer shoes are as light as your cell phone.

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The Hope and Hula are ultra-lightweight shoes made from a breathable stretch-knit fabric.

What's the worst thing about wearing shoes in summer?

Sweaty feet and painful blisters.

Walking around in shoes or strappy sandals can get pretty uncomfortable in warm weather.

So our designers decided to make you the perfect summer shoe.

The Hope Stretch Knit Sneaker and Hula Stretch Knit Slip-On are ultra-lightweight shoes made from a breathable stretch-knit fabric.

We’re not joking when we say these shoes weigh next to nothing – the lace-up Hope in size 6 weighs 190g (6.7oz), which is just 2g more than an iPhone 7+!

Hope Stretch Knit Oxford shoe in Black

The slip-on Hula is even lighter, weighing just 180g (6.3oz).

That’s 8g less than an iPhone 7+.

Hula Stretch Knit Slip-on shoe in Mint

How do we make them so light?

Our secret is using lightweight EVA plastic pellets, the material used to make flip-flops, to create the outsole.

Hula Stretch Knit Slip-on shoe in Pink

Flip-flops don’t have the best surface grip, so we compress grippy rubber pods on the bottom of the outsole to help with traction and durability. Rubber is much better at gripping wet and dry surfaces than EVA plastic, and lasts a lot longer too!

Hula Stretch Knit Slip-on shoe in Blue rubber sole

The top of the shoe is made from a polyester-blend stretch-knit material. The machine knitted blend is breathable, flexible, and stretches to your foot shape the moment you put them on.

Hope Stretch Knit Oxford shoe in Dove knit material

On both shoes, the inside of the heel is reinforced with soft pigskin leather for durability and comfort.

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The Hope has metal eyelets underneath the lace holes to reinforce the laces and stop the knit material from fraying.

Hope Stretch Knit Oxford shoe in Black laces

They also come with removeable pigskin leather-covered insoles. Leather doesn’t hold odour and bacteria as much as synthetic materials, and just feels better on your feet.

Hula Stretch Knit Slip-on shoe in Blue leather insole

These shoes are so light and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them, and are perfect for any kind of activity in warm weather.

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