Meghan: Blonde in Hi-top Sneakers


Toronto native Meghan moved to Boston for school and now lives in Chicago. Working on her post-grad, she works in technology consulting and blogs for fun on the side.

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A huge dog lover with a thing for skulls, Megan is also the person to ask about the best places to eat in Chicago. She flexes her creative writing skills on all things food, fashion and travel every week on her blog, The Blonde in Pink. Read her full shoe review here.

What did you wear to the last wedding you attended, and your last job interview?

I was at a wedding over this previous weekend and wanted a super glam holiday inspired look - a burgundy velvet wrap dress with crystal chandelier earrings, a metallic gold envelope clutch, and black patent pumps.

It’s been a few years since I had an interview in-person. I interviewed (and got the job!) for an intern position at a boutique influencer platform in Boston in my junior year of college. I wore a plaid J Crew wool skirt, a white long sleeve blouse, chestnut leather booties, and a red wool coat.

You have a time machine. What time and place do you travel to just for the clothes?

The 90s without a doubt! I love some of the trends that are coming back in style, like the mom jeans and white tee combo, page boy hats, chokers, and chunky boots. It’s really fun looking at what celebs wore on the red carpet during this time; people dressed really ridiculously sometimes, but it was a fun time in fashion.

What’s the biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?

I borrowed black fishnet “arm-warmers” and this camo t-shirt from a friend in elementary school… My mom was unimpressed to say the least when I came home.

Share one piece of style advice you’d give to a younger version of yourself.

Dress for yourself, and not for anyone else. I remember being legitimately too scared to wear a maxi dress in high school because I thought people would make fun of me. If you like something, rock it!

What’s your earliest memory of caring about how you dressed?

I've always been very opinionated when it comes to dressing myself; there are so many pictures of me as a little girl wearing craaaazy looks, that I clearly insisted upon. I would wear my Disney princess dresses to kindergarten, along with the matching plastic heels…

There’s this one photo of me wearing a long light blue fleece skirt, with a light blue long sleeve shirt, and pink glittery sunglasses! I called the shots, what can I say.

Meghan is wearing the Downey Shearling Hi-top Shoe in Hazel.

You have a really cohesive look across all seasons. Where do you shop for clothes?

Abercrombie all the way! I love stocking up on their tees, simple sweaters, and denim. I’m also a big online shopper, so I normally will order from Revolve or Shopbop when it comes to pricier, more unique items. I love that they carry so many different designers.

What’s the biggest change in the way you’ve shopped for clothes?

Definitely just changing mindsets about buying investment, staple pieces instead of trendier, cheaply made items; I used to shop a ton of Forever 21, and let me tell you, I now take quality over quantity any day. You can make do with less in your wardrobe if you’re buying nice pieces that will last and mix and match well.

Check out Meghan's review of the Downey Shearling Hi-top Shoe on her blog.

Photos courtesy of Meghan Wainwright.

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