Kira: Northern Style Exposure


Edmonton mom Kira is the master of staying warm and stylish in Canadian winters.

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The creator of pairs leggings with a cape and winter boots, and shows you how rain booties can work in the snow!

Share one piece of style advice you’d give to a younger version of yourself.

Resist the urge to buy lots of sale or fast fashion items. Instead invest in a few items that really work. Quality over quantity.

What’s your earliest memory of caring about how you dressed?

Junior High. I fondly remember looking back to school shopping with my very fashionable grandma. I was always pumped to bring out my new looks.

Did your family influence own sense of style?

Of course! My mother in particular has a very Anthropologie type look. Boho eclectic.

How do you dress your children?

I try not to put them in items I won't love myself. Fashion forward with comfort in mind.

Who do you look to for style inspiration?

I was a big Charlotte fan from Sex And The City. Currently I'm loving Olivia Palermo. She's got a classic style but isn't afraid to take a few risks.

What’s the most important style item to invest in?

Hand-bags! A Chanel Jumbo Classic will never go out of style.

Kira is wearing the Cheyenne Deertan Winter Boot in Cedar and the Dart Duck Bootie in Navy-Tan.

Shop Kira's cozy cape and more winter styles on her blog!

Photos courtesy of Kira Paran.

Kira's picks

Fabiola Suede Moccasin Bootie

Downey Suede Hi-top Shoe

Dart Duck Bootie

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