Kaylee: Casual Glamour for Late Winter


Kaylee runs The Blondielocks, a site that helps you curate a life that is just right. She hits the casual glamour look for winter perfectly with a pink coat, wool joggers, and our Kensington rain booties.

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When January hits, all I really want to do is wear clothes that make me feel as though I’m wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket. This is absolutely the case with this outfit. Who says a casual look can’t feel glamorous?

What’s the biggest mistake people make when shopping for clothes?

Purchasing items just because they’re on sale and not taking the time to think about if it will work in their existing wardrobe, if they really love it, or if it fits properly.

What did you wear to your last wedding, and your last job interview?

Ooph, my last actual date with my fiancé was a while ago, haha! I think I wore this because it was just before Christmas and I was feeling festive.

It’s been a while since my last job interview but to my last meeting I wore this exact outfit: ruffled blouse, ruffled pants and low blush block heels.

You have $500 to spend on your wardrobe. What do you buy?

I think I’d just splurge and spend the $500 on a really beautiful pair of designer heels or loafers.

You have a time machine. What time and place do you travel to just for the clothes?

I’m so torn between my love for the seventies and the twenties but I think I’d choose the twenties just so I could dress up as a flapper girl and go to a Gatsby worthy party.

What is the most underappreciated item in a woman’s wardrobe?

A great coat! Living in Canada I think that it’s SO important to have an arsenal of beautiful coats as they add such an impact to any outfit.

Share one piece of style advice you’d give to a younger version of yourself.

Less is more and always stay true to classic pieces rather than trends. Also, a great pair of heels and a nice handbag will elevate any outfit.

What's one time when what you were wearing had a big impact on your life?

I can safely say that I typically remember everything I wore on a certain occasion. I love getting dressed up but funnily enough I was wearing Cougar boots and a parka the day I got engaged as it was outside in a snowstorm. I had always myself pictured being very dressed up when I got engaged but it ended up being so perfect the way it happened, and now an outfit I look back at it fondly.

See Kaylee's full casual glamour outfit photoshoot on her blog!

Kaylee is wearing the Kensington Chelsea Boot in Dove, and a pair of vintage Cougars.

Photos courtesy of Kaylee Giffin.

Kaylee's picks

Kensington Chelsea Boot

Hope Stretch Knit Sneaker

Fresca Leather Tassel Loafer

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