Filipa: Playing With Apparel (Part 1)


As a young model and actress, Filipa always found herself lost in the wonders of the wardrobe department while on-set. She decided to switch gears and pursue her true calling as a stylist for Hollywood's elite.

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Born in Leeds, England but now living in Toronto, Filipa is a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper for clients attending events including the Cannes Film Festival, Emmy’s, and TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

She shares her love of fashion on her blog, Playing With Apparel, and writes articles on various fashion and beauty products, trends, and her unique and forever-changing personal style.

What’s your earliest memory of caring about how you dressed?

I don’t exactly remember this but my mum would always try to dress me in big girly dresses. You know the ugly plaid ones (I grew up in the early 90s so you know what I’m talking about), I wasn’t having it and even to this day my tom-boy edge has prevailed.

How did you dress as a child?

Like a little boy. I had short curly hair would live in denim dungarees.

How did your mother dress? Did it influence your own sense of style?

Well my Mum would like to think she did, and to give her credit she used to dress like a total rockstar. She used to have this badass black leather biker jacket that I always wished would fit me. For some reason she threw it out and now comes to me for fashion advice instead!

What’s the biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?

I actually wrote about this one on my blog. My first day of high school in Canada, I wore baggy jeans a pink cardigan and matching pink timberland boots. I thought I looked so cool.

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How has your style evolved?

My style is forever changing. My husband laughs as he can’t keep up. One moment I’m a tomboy and then next a total girly-girl... However I always find a way to edge it up a little.

Who was your first style icon? Who is your current style icon?

I think my first style icon was Sienna Miller. I obsessed about her style after seeing her on some red carpet in a stunning Marchesa gown. My style icons today? Hmmm, that’s so hard thanks to the wonder of social media. I have so many style icons that cover the pages of Instagram.

What’s the most important style item to invest in?

I would have to probably say bags. A bag can not only make a sweatpants and tee combo look totally chic and cool like Gigi Hadid, but can also be a great investment.

Filipa is wearing the Kensington Chelsea Boot in Dove.

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Photos courtesy of Filipa Jackson.

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