Fame and Fresca: Premium leather sneakers and loafers

Premium leather sneakers and tassel loafers

If you think our premium leather sneakers look good now, just wait until you've put a few scratches in them.

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Not many companies would encourage you to beat their products up a little. But that’s exactly what we suggest doing with our premium leather sneaker collection.

That's because we’ve gone the extra mile to craft luxurious leather shoes that look better with age.

The Fame is a sneaker made from soft Nappa leather sourced from cows raised in the USA.

Fame Nappa Leather Sneaker material closeup

The leather has a subtle grain and feels supple in your hand.

They will crease nicely with wear, and develop a subtle patina as they break in.

Fame Nappa Leather Sneaker toe closeup

The Fresca is a tassel loafer made with a smooth Firefly leather sourced from Dutch cows in Holland.

Fresca leather tassel loafer in Black

Firefly leather has a natural shine that Nappa leather doesn’t, and a smooth, polished handfeel that looks better after a few nicks and scratches.

Fresca leather tassel loafer moccasin stitching

The moccasin stitching on the Fresca is handsewn – machines can’t handle the thickness and spacing of the stitching, so it’s done by hand instead.

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Both styles are fully lined with soft pigskin leather. Leather doesn’t hold odour and bacteria as much as synthetic materials, and just feels nicer on your feet.

Fame Nappa Leather Sneaker full leather lining

The insoles are a comfortable 5mm thick memory foam cut with breathability holes on the bottom.

Fresca leather tassel loafer leather insole

A few creases and scratches won’t hurt them.

In fact, it'll make them look even better.

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