Emma: Gingham and Summer Sneakers


It feels like summer in Colorado, and Emma is breaking out her dresses! She pairs them with sneakers instead of flats or sandals for a more edgy look.

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Emma in Colorado makes videos and writes about fashion and how anxiety is trying to ruin her life.

What do you like about the Hope Stretch-Knit sneakers?

I am so into them! They are light as a feather and the perfect nudey brown that goes with everything.

What was your favorite thing to wear when you were younger?

Oh man. I always tell the story that the reason I got into fashion was because on my 13th birthday my parents took me to New York City. I thought I looked so good in my khaki Bermuda shorts, but remember standing on the street admiring all the women walking past me. I think I may have thrown my shorts away the second I got home!

You have a time machine. What time and place do you travel to just for the clothes?

The 70s! I know it isn’t too far back but the 70s really inspire my look and style. I love denim right now in all the vintage ways I can find.

If I could bring one trend back from the past, it would be denim on denim.

What trend that everyone loves do you hate?

See through clothing. I don’t understand it.

I also love online shopping but hate not knowing how it will actually look… but who has time to go to the mall!

Tell us something about yourself that people are usually surprised to hear.

I started my blog in high school but actually didn’t tell anyone for a year I thought it was so crazy and when I did tell people they did NOT understand it, but I never let that stop me. Almost six years later and I still love blogging!

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You have $500 to spend on your wardrobe. What do you buy, and why?

I would buy two staple items. I like to invest in pieces that will last me years and mix them up with more trendy accessories. So I guess I would say a pair of shoes and maybe a jacket!

Has there every been a time when what you were wearing had a big impact on your life?

In high school I decided that I was going to make my own dress and I spent days making this dress (which eventually split all the way up the side because I didn’t quite have the seam down) but someone complimented me on it when I walked into school and I felt so confident and cool. I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school so the attention wasn’t really on me and it felt amazing to know that what I was wearing was an expression of myself and someone appreciated it.

Read Emma's full sneaker review on her blog!

Emma is wearing the Hope Stretch Knit Sneaker in Dove.

Photos courtesy of Emma Walker.

Emma's picks

Dublin Suede Hi-top Sneaker

Hope Stretch Knit Sneaker

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