Desire: Darling Be Daring


Desiré calls Denver, Colorado home, and is no stranger to erratic weather. Rain, snow or sunshine, she always looks great whatever the weather.

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Desiré wore our waterproof dress booties around the Mile High City, and got cozy in our warm shearling sneakers. She shares how she developed her personal style, and the most important items in her wardrobe. Read her full review here.

How did you dress when you were younger?

I am just going to say GLITTER, and lots of it! I always wore matching outfits with my sister and I thought that graphic tees that said, “Princess” were a good idea. #NoRegrets

How did your mother dress? Did it influence your own sense of style?

My mom is a class act, I pretty much copy everything she does, haha! But yes, her style is full of all the classic but bold enough to try trends that complement who she is. I remember always wanting to wear all of her cute shoes to school when I was growing up, asking to borrow her lipsticks (heck I still do that), and I love the way she makes a simple black outfit looks SO standout. My mama is totally one of my style icons!

What’s the biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?

I mean I did just say that I used to wear graphic tees that said “Princess”, but another one would have to be a tight dress without Spanx!

You have a time machine. What time and place do you travel to just for the clothes?

Retro vibes are the best vibes, so I can appreciate so many different eras but I am gunna go with the 40s! Like The Notebook times, and then take all that cute clothes with me to Paris…yup that sounds pretty DREAMY.

Who was your first style icon? Who is your current style icon?

Probably Hillary Duff in that Disney show – where my 90s babys at?! And my current style icon is Olivia Palermo, she is BOMB.

What did you wear to the last wedding you attended, and your last job interview?

A super cute wine color floral A-line dress with block heels…gotta be comfy because I love dancing at weddings! I can’t totally remember what I wore for the job interview, but I remember it was intense. Something like a little pant suit. It was right after college and I was trying out that whole “fake it until to you make it” thing.

What are three essentials a woman should have in her cold-weather arsenal?

I just did this post so it’s at top of my mind but all-weather shoes are a MUST, and good trench-coat can take you places. Also, a cute beret this season because those are EVERYTHING right now!

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Desiré is wearing the Anton Suede Ankle Boot in Ash, and the Downey Shearling Hi-top Shoe in Hazel.

Photos courtesy of Desiré Falk

Desiré's picks

Dublin Suede Hi-top Sneaker

Anton Suede Ankle Boot

Derry Leather Mid Boot

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