Christina: Stylish Boots for Maine Rain


A psychology major at the University of Maine, Christina loves all things fashion and beauty. She recently wore a pair of our Kensington rain booties and told us what she thought of them.

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“I’ve never been a huge fan of wearing any type of boots – I’m more of a sandals gal. However, these rain boots are a must-have! What I love about these booties is how comfy they are. With foam insoles you won’t have to compromise style for comfort. I slip these on even when it isn't raining.”

You have $500 to spend on your wardrobe. What do you buy?

I would probably try to get the most out of my money and shop at stores like Forever 21 and Shop DressUp. You can get a lot of clothes from these two stores even if you have only $100 to spend. I would probably invest in some Dolce Vita heels as well to go with my new clothes!

You have a time machine. What time and place do you travel to just for the clothes?

I would definitely travel to present day Paris Fashion Week not only to watch the fashion shows but to shop in Paris. I’ve always wanted to go to a fashion show and Paris has the best styles. I’d shop and look around at all the stores they have. I’m sure they are a lot different than stores in Maine!

What’s the most annoying thing about clothes/shoe shopping in 2018?

The mall closest to me doesn’t have many options so I typically shop online for all of my shoes and clothes. When buying from a new brand online it’s hard to know what size I am. Thankfully I’ve lucked out with getting the right sizes but it can be annoying having to order everything online!

If you could bring one past trend back from the dead, what would it be?

I loveeee flare jeans. They have been making a comeback but a lot of my friends think they look silly. I think with the right top and a pair of heels you can easily pull off this blast from the past.

In high school I would try to mimic some high fashion trends that probably looked more ridiculous on me than fashionable, but it’s something I’ve always had a passion for.

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Who is your current style icon?

I’ve been crushing on Bre Sheppard. She has the best style. A lot of her wardrobe is super relatable and comes at an affordable price. Anyone could wear it! She always finds good deals and sales which is great.

What’s the most important style item to invest in?

Shoes! I think they tie an outfit together. You can have the most stylish outfit but if you don’t have a cute pair of shoes to go with it the outfit can be thrown off. I think it’s smart to keep in mind what shoes you want to wear while picking out an outfit. I always check the weather when I wake up and think about what shoes go best with the weather. From there I pick out an outfit!

What’s the biggest mistake people make when shopping for clothes?

I think a lot of people get excited about buying something and don’t wait for it to go on sale or find a cheaper alternative. I always look around at multiple stores before I buy something. Even if it’s the same exact style, you might be able to find it on a different website or at another store for a cheaper price. ALWAYS search for coupon codes. You can usually find one on Google!

Read Christina's full review of our Kensington rain booties.

Christina is wearing the Kensington Chelsea Boot in Mist.

Photos courtesy of Christina Smith.

Christina's picks

Fresca Leather Tassel Loafer

Kensington Chelsea Boot

Anton Suede Ankle Boot

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