Boutique Schü'z: Québec, Québec

Boutique Schü’z est un magasin de chaussures hors du commun qui propose une vaste sélection de souliers et de bottes tendance. Situé à quelques pas du Vieux Québec, elle dessert une clientèle de passionnées de la mode depuis 2006.

Boutique Schü’z is an outstanding footwear store offering a wide selection of trendy shoes and boots. Located just minutes away from Old Québec, it serves a fashion-conscious client base since 2006.

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Nous avons causé récemment avec Patrick Montminy, l’un des propriétaires de Schü’z, au sujet de son commerce et de ses goûts et conseils en matière de chaussures.

We chatted recently with co-owner Patrick Montminy about his retail outlet and his preferences and pointers regarding footwear.

Pourquoi vous êtes-vous lancé dans le marché de détail de la chaussure? // Why did you decide to go into the shoe retail business?

Étant déjà propriétaire d'un magasin de vêtements (le Séraphin, à côté), ça allait de soi. Il y avait un gros manque pour une belle boutique de chaussures au centre-ville de Québec.... Et j'adore les souliers!

Since I already owned a clothing store (the Séraphin next door), it seemed like the right thing to do. There was a big opportunity for a nice footwear boutique in the heart of Québec City… And there’s also the fact that I love shoes!

Quelle était votre vision lorsque vous avez ouvert votre magasin? // What was your vision when you opened the store?

Notre vision (car nous sommes deux: Frédéric St-Laurent et moi) était d'être la première boutique à offrir des chaussures de marque au centre-ville (on ne voulait pas être une chaîne...) On voulait offrir une très belle sélection de chaussures dans une belle ambiance à notre image. Notre idée, c’était d'avoir du plaisir à travailler dans un environnement agréable avec des partenaires qui ont la même philosophie que nous.

Our vision (because we are two co-owners: Frédéric St-Laurent and myself) was to be the first boutique to offer brand-name footwear in the downtown area (we didn’t want to become a chain…) We wanted to offer a very nice selection of shoes and boots in a beautiful setting that reflected who we are. Our idea was to have fun working in a pleasant environment with partners that have the same outlook as us.

Qu’est-ce qui distingue l’expérience de magasinage chez Schü’z? // What makes shopping at your store different and unique?

Schü’z est unique pour plein de raisons... Premièrement, à cause de nous, les propriétaires et nos personnalités drôles et différentes. Ensuite, il y a notre vaste sélection de chaussures... Hommes et dames, sport et classiques, abordables et plus dispendieuses, américaines et internationales. Aussi, l'ambiance que l'on offre à notre clientèle : musique, couleurs, déco, approche client. Finalement, notre emplacement en plein cœur de la capitale!

Schü’z is unique for several reasons… First of all, because of us, the owners, and our funny and quirky personalities. Then, there’s our broad selection of footwear… Men’s and women’s, sporty and classic, affordable and upscale, American and international. Also, there’s the shopping atmosphere we provide: music, color, décor, customer approach. And of course, there’s our location, right in the heart of downtown!

Quelle est la plus grande erreur qu’on peut faire en magasinant des chaussures? // What’s the biggest mistake people make when shopping for shoes?

La plus grande erreur que les gens font à l'achat de chaussures est de ne pas miser assez sur le confort et la qualité... Trois paires de mauvaises chaussures coûtent plus cher qu’une bonne paire! On se blesse à long terme avec des mauvais souliers. L'autre erreur est de n'avoir qu'une seule paire... chaque chaussure a sa vocation! Et on les garde plus longtemps en ayant des chaussures adaptées à chaque situation. Après un certain temps avec trois ou quatre paires, on a économisé.

Their biggest mistake when shopping for shoes is to not be demanding enough when it comes to comfort and quality… Three pairs of mediocre shoes cost more than one pair of good shoes! In the long run, poorly made shoes can injure your feet. The other mistake people make is to have a single pair of shoes… every pair of shoes has a purpose! And you keep them longer when they’re adapted to each situation. After a while, with three or four pairs, you end up saving.

Pourquoi choisir Cougar comme une de vos marques vedettes? // Why have you chosen Cougar as one of your featured brands?

Cougar est une super compagnie qui offre un super service ! La qualité est excellente et doit demeurer ainsi; il n'y a rien de pire que des retours avec des bottes d'hiver... On ne vend plus certaines marques pour cette raison. Le prix et le look sont également très bien. On travaille dans la même direction. Mais Cougar gagnerait à développer quelques modèles pour hommes pour appuyer leur belle sélection pour dames. Il y a un manque flagrant de beaux souliers pour hommes à bon prix... Longue vie à Cougar et à Schü'z!

Cougar is a great company with great service! The quality is excellent and needs to remain that way; there’s nothing worse than having to return winter boots… We’ve stopped carrying certain brands because of that. Also, the price and the look are just right. We’re on the same wavelength. But Cougar would benefit from developing a few men’s models to round out their fabulous selection for women. There’s a lack of nice shoes for men at a good price… Long live Cougar and Schü’z!

Quelles sont vos chaussures préférées et pourquoi les aimez-vous? // What are your favourite shoes and why do you like them so much?

Mes Red Wing. J'ai le pied large et haut, ce qui me rend difficile à chausser... Mes bottes sont solides, belles, durables, confortables... Malheureusement, on ne les vend même plus; trop chers! Pour Frédéric, c'est Camper, une compagnie tout simplement fantastique avec un look et un confort incroyables.

I love my Red Wings. My foot is wide and high so it’s hard for me to shop for shoes that fit right… My boots are solid, beautiful, durable, comfortable… Unfortunately, we don’t sell them anymore; they’re too expensive! As for Frédéric, he prefers Campers, a fantastic company with footwear that looks and feels incredible.

Quelles sont vos sources d’inspiration pour découvrir les nouvelles modes? // Where do you get your inspiration to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

On voyage beaucoup! C'est très important de se tenir au courant des tendances dans notre domaine. D’avoir de bons contacts et des références. Et de bien surveiller les gens d'influence, dans les grandes villes, dans les concerts, avec tous nos partenaires mode, incluant les représentants.

We travel a lot! It’s really important to stay in tune with the trends in our business. To have good contacts and references. And to keep an eye on influencers and trendsetters, in the big cities, at concerts, along with all of our fashion partners, including reps.

Visit Boutique Schü'z for an amazing boot and shoe selection.

Models are wearing the Blackout Leather Winter Boot, the Connect Leather Ankle Bootie in Black, the Cheyenne Deertan Winter Boot in Cedar and the Vancouver Nylon Snow Boot in Black-all-over.

Photos courtesy of Boutique Schü'z.

Patrick's picks

Vancouver Nylon Snow Boot

Cheyenne Deertan Winter Boot

Blackout Leather Winter Boot

Lord's Shoes and Apparel: South Granville, Vancouver

Lord’s is a family business that’s been selling women’s shoes since 1930. Located in trendy South Granville, Vancouver, their boutique sells shoes and boots that feel as beautiful as they look.

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We chatted with owner Jacqueline about the long history of the business, her personal style, and what boots she recommends customers to handle wet West Coast weather.

Tell us a little bit about your store

Unofficially, we’re the oldest shoe store in Canada! Lord’s was started in Edmonton in 1930 by my grandfather. He passed away unexpectedly, and my French-Canadian grandmother decided to keep the business going. My mother took over from her, and 12 years ago I brought the business to South Granville in Vancouver. Our store also carries raincoats, hats, jewelry, gloves – we’re like a one-stop-shop for women!

What makes shopping at Lord's different and unique?

We bring in products that you won’t find anywhere else. A lot of our shoes are special styles that are unique to us – we make them in collaboration with our suppliers.

We’re also a fitting store. We’ve had the same staff for the past 12 years, and they specialize in helping our customers find shoes that fit comfortably. Our customers are like our friends – a lot of them end up in our photoshoots every season!

Why have you chosen Cougar Shoes as one of your featured brands?

The nice thing about Cougar is that it’s a Canadian brand. Our customers find them comfortable, reliable, and waterproof, which is a necessity here in Vancouver. They’re an easy sell!

You have $500 to spend on your wardrobe. What do you buy?

I want a pink Apple Watch. I’m a women who runs a business with young kids and I don’t carry a purse, so this would just streamline everything. Also, unlike a purse it’s attached to your body, so you can’t lose it!

You have a time machine. What time and place do you travel to just for the clothes?

I love period movies, so I’d go back to the Tudor era. Even though the clothes look really uncomfortable with all the layers, bustles and corsets, I love the attention to detail that those outfits had. People put a lot of pride into how they dressed, which is something that’s rare today. It makes me romanticize the days of old.

What’s your earliest memory of caring about how you dressed?

I remember being in grade 1 and trying to go to school in my pajamas. It was a nightie with dolls on it, and I really wanted to show my friends. My Mom refused to let me wear them to school, so one day I snuck them on under my coat. I really wanted to show people this nightie, so it was war with my Mom. And I won!

Who do you look to for style inspiration?

I’m a big Diane von Furstenburg fan for her use of colour and bold patterns! I like that she doesn’t slap her name all over everything too. You can recognize her style without needing to see a label.

Vancouverites, check out Lord's Shoes & Apparel website for an amazing wet weather shoe selection.

Jacqueline is wearing the Original Pillow Boot in Tan, the Regent Rubber Rain Shoe in Tweed, the Vergio Nylon Winter Boot in Gray and the Fawn Shearling Slip-on Shoe in Ash.

Photos courtesy of Meghan Fenton Photography.

Jacqueline's picks

Original Pillow Boot

Dart Duck Bootie

Regent Chelsea Rain Boot