Customer Reviews

Nazanin Sharafkhah, Vancouver - February 15, 2019

I recently bought a kensington rain boots from Hudson’s bay but after only two months and i have to say i only wear it maybe 10 times during these 2 months,one of the elastic side gores stretched out and its look like i have been wearing it for ages!! Im so disappointed because i haerd a lot of good thing about your shoes thats what made me buy it at firt place....
Marah, Pennsylvania - September 26, 2018

I have received so many compliments on how stylish these rainboots are! They are very comfy and definitely add a chic and cool vibe to your look. My only complaint is that I ordered the Dove color which looked beige online, but it in fact is a light grey. It still goes well with all of my clothes, though!
Stylish and functional
Kendra, Toronto - June 27, 2018

I purchased the grey 'mist' colour rain boots and I love them! They look fantastic with jeans, dress pants or even a dress. I love to pair the grey boots with white jeans in the spring/summer on rainy days. Boots are great for city living -- keeps your feet dry on wet walks on the pavement. For rougher terrains, the white soles and low heels would not be appropriate.
Lindzey Eakins, Kelowna, BC - May 11, 2018

These boots are great! They not only look fantastic they keep water out and have grip. The only down side is the sole is made from a foam like material that does not wipe easy and does stain if you get mud on them. You can clean it away with some effort, but it also wears down the foam. Please make the soles out of rubber- The other down shire is that they can be tight. If you have wide feet these are not for you.