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At Cougar Shoes we proudly stand behind the boots we sell.

We’re sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with your boots that couldn’t be resolved at the store you originally purchased them from.

Fill out this form and hit “Submit Claim”. Our customer care team will will respond to you within ten business days.

If you are not sure if your boots are covered by our guarantee, click here for our guarantee information.

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If you have any issues completing this form please call 1 888 Cougar 1 (1.888. 268.4271) for assistance.

Guarantee Claim Policy

Please note that the first resource for any issues with your Cougar boots is the store you originally purchased your boots from. If the store you originally purchased from is unable to resolve your issue please complete and submit the Guarantee claim form above. Once we have received your guarantee claim information our footwear technicians will review the information you have provided. Once an assessment has been made a Customer Care Team representative will promptly contact you to advise the next steps required to process your claim.

Please note: we are unable to refund your purchase price.

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