The Cougar Story


We love Getting Into Outside. Whether it’s the leaves in fall, the snow in winter, or the rain and sun during spring and summer, every season is an adventure. We’re Canadian and we’re made for weather at its best and its worst, and we keep on loving it all the same.

We know that when it rains, it pours; that a “snow day” isn’t a good enough excuse to stay home; and that the grey skies always bring blue ones. Getting Into Outside is how we live.

Guaranteed Waterproof | Temperature Rated | Easy to Care For


Jump in a puddle like no one is watching. We’re splash tested and perfect for the wet and wild outdoors. Look good and feel great no matter what’s going on out there, we guarantee your boots against whatever puddles and splashes come your way. When we say waterproof, we mean it. Wearing our boots, your feet will stay dry, we guarantee it.


No one knows winter like Canadians. For 60+ years we’ve been making warm winter footwear with temperature rated insulation to keep you comfortable while you stay active. We also design our boots for easy cleaning, so one quick wipe and you’re out the door. Welcome to the Cougar family, we know you’ll enjoy the adventure. Now Get Into Outside.